A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

SHRiNK is a small game about a little ball which shrinks all the time. In order to survive you must collect green diamonds to grow and avoid death by implosion.
Unfortunately the world does not help you.. Moving blocks, spikes, everything wants to kill you in SHRiNK!

Use the RIGHT and LEFT arrows to move
Press R to restart a level

Short Post Mortem:

It was my second Ludum Dare and i'm quite happy with what I've done. I started a bit late so I had to find a simple idea to make it work. I had a lot of crazy ideas but it would have been too much work and I wouldn't have finished in time. So I focused on a really simple gameplay. Only two buttons to control the player and a cool shrinking/growing mechanic. My idea was clearly in the theme :D Everything worked just fine, and I finally finished way earlier than expected. The only bugs you'll probably encounter are related with the changing size of the player that makes some collisions weird but it won't be a big deal I hope :)

I hope you'll enjoy!


Windows: The game may be blocked by Windows, so if you can't open it :

Right click on SHRiNK.exe > Properties > Check "Unblock" and it should run just fine! If it doesn't, maybe your antivirus is blocking it :/

Mac: If osx tells you something like 'Downloaded .app is damaged and can't be opened, you should move it to trash', just open a terminal and go to the app folder (doing cd Downloads for example) and then type:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine SHRiNK.app

Linux: Also this is the first time I've done a Linux export, so I hope it works ok.

Don't hesitate to tell me if anything goes wrong.


SHRiNK.exe 2 MB
shrink.zip 5 MB
SHRiNK.app.zip 2 MB

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