STICKY is a short game made for the GBJAM 6!

You control a little ball of sticky stuff around different levels. But YOU CAN'T JUMP! The only way to progress is to fall and stick to walls.

The game contains 9 levels with increasing difficulty.

And you can chose between 6 color palettes!

Have fun!




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good concept, but I think you need to adjust the hit detection for the static spikes, as they currently don't even allow you to be off by half a pixel. (could be even worse when the game is lagging, but that has not been encountered.). 

That's weird 'cause the static spikes have a 2px smaller hitbox... Did you mean the moving spikes? For the moving spikes I'll probably reduce a bit the hitbox cause it is indeed a bit frustrating sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback ;)

So the spikes have a square hit-box, the way you implemented it made it look like hit detection was based on the spike-shape.

Interesting concept, but I can't get past the part with the spike moving back and forth between a drop off with two spikes on the bottom right (perhaps number your levels so it's easier to point to a problem).

You're talking about this level ?

It was ment to be a difficult platformer but I'll probably reduce the hitbox size of the moving spikes cause it is sometimes a bit unforgiving, but for this one you just have to find the good timing to fall and then climb back the other side. It'll get even more difficult in the next levels ;)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Yep, that's the one

I updated the game with more forgiving hitboxes if you want to give it another try ;)